The Announced Of The New Game Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo announced during the live broadcast via the Internet for the ninth part of the chain famous Dynasty Warriors short display a teaser.

Akihiro Suzuki Product Series revealed that Dynasty Warriors 9 (or Shin Sangokumusou 8 will also be invited to Japan) will contain for the first time on the open world system because the hardware specifications in the current time will allow it, but he did not announce a specific date for the launch of the game, or even devices that will be available on her.

It can be assumed that the game will come to the new generation devices, especially PlayStation 4 as Atsushi Morita Chairman of Sony Corporation in Asia, Japan was present at the time of the game.

In the end if the number game in Japanese raises your confusion is not wondering anymore because the English version of the series leading up to the Japanese number always and the reason for this is because the game Sangokumusō (entirely separate from the series and its one fighting against one) have been translated in English to the Dynasty Warriors and when the first parts of the current Shin Sangokumusō has been translated into Dynasty Warriors 2 and from here began the difference in punctuation.
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