FIFA 17 : The Biggest Deal

Undoubtedly, Viva is the largest in this market giant, is the unbridled power and popularity tremendously, and this did not come from a vacuum. For many years invested in the EA Sports divisions, to become the absolute leader of the sports video game industry. Certainly because the company is doing this for a long period spanning more than 20 years, the results were not always stable, we used to get in some years on Sparkling games, while in others we get mixed results and sometimes maybe bad. But what can not be denied is that FIFA is the jewel EA Sports team, and over the past years, especially in the Middle East, headed for herself queen of all games, the most popular product in the region. To sink together now in the midst of the 2017 version of this great game, and see what FIFA presented to the fans this year.

When you enter the first match you in the game on television, Stiguen eyes first big changes in the game. Goodbye Ignite engine, and the engine of the new Vorsbaat Welcome, and let me tell you, those results have been impressive. This without a doubt the best football game look at all, and which are accompanied by the new engine, especially at the level of lighting changes to make the atmosphere of the stadium and more realistic than ever. Even the players wear their exquisite details, and swaying with a simple movement of the player. On the one hand faces it has got a significant upgrade compared to the past, but perhaps still not the most brilliant aspects of FIFA.

Certainly football game revolves around playing system, and FIFA 17 offers several important changes this year. As a start, and when you take the big picture, the FIFA 17 looks easier than last year's version which everyone remembers how we say it is tough and more tactical. This year, almost everything has become more intuitive, scrolling, leverage, payment, and this may make it again Viva game more Orkidah maybe. As we say every year, this matter will return to the player in the first place, the goal in the end, entertainment, and some players like tactical orientation and others loves speed and Alorkidah.

What I noticed significantly in this year's version is how the players have become more easily keep the ball, we can tell that this is a point of attack on defense account. But even if your back was given for the discount and tried to detain the ball, this is not a free ticket for the recording, Valaltvat will be tough and you have to calculate your movements well so as not to lose the ball. Fixed balls got a whole new way to control, for example, kick balls index dot will appear so that you can control where the arrival or the fall of the ball, and the player can also control the future and location. Penalty in return got a new way to pay, and in fact has never comprehend why this change, and I did not find any positive side to him but to the complexity of the rule.

What makes the FIFA football game overall is how the shine off the pitch as in the inside. The game offers full rights to most European leagues and major global and can not live a full formal atmosphere Manning and stadiums and chants and slogans, as you can in FIFA. Even on the level of Saudi Vdora beautiful present beautifully, with all the logos and transfers until the last moments of summer, and the details of the players is very amazing clothes Pttabgaha with reality. And do not forget the interest of the game in detail, such as the official beautiful music League appearance and graphics breaks during rehearsals. But the annual problem still continues, although you are all-weather refers to the Saudi league, but the voice of the masses sabotages it is annoying, it is imperative that the EA added Ohaseg clubs Arabia has been a long time since the Saudi league game in the application.

FIFA may be one of the biggest games ever, even outside of the sport, the amount offered by phases which will occupy players for very long periods. Tur favorite for all Ultimate Tim returns with new additions, such as knockout FUT Champions daily and which have the entire board to a special tournament at the end of the week for special bonuses championship. Career developed also come back with a few simple changes, such as an economic system to help in the follow-up of financial matters, and also some of the goals of the administration based on the character of the team.

But if you think that EA merely here, then you are mistaken, because the company added a new phase in the name of The Journey, and we are talking here about the process of the story will give you at least 15 additional hours of gameplay. At first you not to anyone, predicted that EA just want to lay claim to innovation in this year's version, adding this phase rendered no one believes that we need to in a game like FIFA. But the fact that I was shocked, developed the Journey was fun, and EA excelled in your entry in the atmosphere of the story, and build sympathy with a personal hero and the face of difficulties and wonderful moments in his daily life. Presentation was wonderful and representation roles seem realistic dramatically, and there is a real personalities which increases the realism of this story which live it.

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