Game Dead Rising 4 Offer A "Great" Story For "Frank West"

When talking about the Dead Rising series, we can mention a lot of the pros of the game will not be one of them the story any doubt, because the previous parts did not bother this partial aspect dramatic adequately, but it seems that all this will change with the Dead Rising 4 according to the remarks, "Capcom".

Japanese publisher confirmed that Dead Rising 4 offers its hero, "Frank West" in the older image and wiser and smarter, not trying to impress anyone but looking for survival, and survival, and assisted by the update and the new development which players can develop personal system tools and equipment and new combat methods.

That is not going to be the only advantage, according to statements made by the company, which confirmed the game to provide a great story to complete what he started, "Frank" through a huge number of main and side missions and activities that fill parts of the virtual world.

Dead Rising 4 published in the December 6 for the PC and Xbox One.
Game Dead Rising 4 Offer A "Great" Story For "Frank West" Game Dead Rising 4 Offer A "Great" Story For "Frank West" Reviewed by ONDEXGO on Saturday, October 01, 2016 Rating: 5

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