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Time November 11, 1918, indicate the clock to eleven in the morning. Place south of France, where he lined up thousands of French soldiers to defend their country in the battle of life or death final, but suddenly dominated deafening silence on the battlefield, which was a witness for several months on the ugly side of humanity embodied in a set of Empires greedy driven by ambitions to seize more land and wealth even though the price the life of 10 million dead and 20 million wounded in the war, in which more than 60 million people.

When he pointed out the clock for the eleventh ten in the morning, cutting short a period of silence voices of soldiers and their cry that filled over the place to express their happiness for the signing of the armistice, probably did not believe it for a few minutes, but their fears quickly dissipated after the horns and church bells announced the cease-fire.

"The war is over ... I've survived this hell ..." can be had for those words to come out of the lips of the Canadian soldier, "George Bryce" If you managed to survive for a few minutes, but the death of "Brice" record in history will not forget humans for many centuries, after It became another soldier falling in the conflict that has been described as "the war that will end all wars," but in reality they did not finish anything, but left behind disasters and Grudge and revolutions and soldiers Emczuhien and others lost their minds from the horror of what they have seen over the four years, hence trying Battlefield 1 to lists the first World war are not Get used, away from the battles of lethal military equipment appalling, there was nothing to do with human conflict and suddenly found themselves on the front lines ... of collapse? Will it bring together the Diaspora and supplements to the end? Answer the Battlefield 1 only.

Story Battlefield focused on dozens of humans such as "Bryce" Some of them lost their lives in the war and some of them lived the remainder of the old warped and helpless, others survived physically, but psychologically they could not go back earlier to their lives again, this clearly shows after the first artillery rounds exposed British tank Black bess, one of the 300 tanks that took part in the battle of "Cambrian" famous, in that moment was, "Edward" in amazement unprecedented after he lost the ability to hear for a few seconds of his violent bombardment which exposed him and his cronies, seen shock to the body of his "Pritchard" after that they were talking together a few moments ago, the British young man who had dreamed of taking part in the war quickly realized that the war is not exciting or perilous adventure, but the difference line between life and death, then from his shock quickly listener to his commander orders by moving the tank from its position and try to find a safe place away from the incessant shelling.

For the first time, Battlefield decides to give us a different way to show the story does not depend on one key figure in the events
For the first time Battlefield decide to offer us a way different view of the story does not depend on a key figure and one in the events, but to review the scourge of war from the perspective of all parties, both took part in the war by land, sea or air, each of them has his tales and special adventures that will not be forgotten whatever alive, with the support of this group of exciting tasks in most of the areas that saw the events of World war I, and a group of characters who have different motives in that battle, the player with them and reacts better than any previous part thanks to movie scenes and review of the figures from the third-person perspective is constantly making the user feel as an integral part of the events part, especially since the events themselves inspired by the most famous cinematic experiences that we have recently witnessed backed by historical facts of the task Through Mud and Blood that feel of being similar to the movie Fury experience, or a job opening Storm of Steel, which focused on fighters Harlem Hellfighters with African origin who were Recruit them to participate in the war illegal and illegitimate ways as recounted many of the movies.

Provided the game developed the story is divided into five episodes or chapters, as happened with Hardline, offering every episode 3 or 4 stages up to a maximum persist for a time period of 60 to 90 minutes, the margin of the errands player in many cities around the world to participate in battles with tools and equipment and various design Hetero environment sometimes you find yourself in control of a British tank in the French fields stretching as the eye, and at other times almost feel warm sun glowing seep into your tips while participating in a heated battle desert of the Sinai, all of those stages provided a different atmosphere and events of a dramatic effect on the player directly and ignore the problems and political complexities that caused the war and focus more on the people who lived through this crisis even if they do not accept them, but it affected the lives of everyone and changed the shape of the world forever.

May be considered developed the story in Battlefield 1 more advanced stage of education in video games, gymnast throughout the life of the story that extends for 5 or 6 hours it has the chance to drive tanks and aircraft and the use of a huge arsenal of weapons, with giving him the freedom to deal in the battles and skirmishes way that pleasant to him, whether follow style stealth and use the telescope to detect places of concentration of his enemies or coins to _iataat attention, or decided to shoot at anything that moves, while the task Storm of Steel puts the player in the face of German troops immediately to try to stop them, and here is not destined you to survive, even though I was able to survive for a long time are going to die in the end to control another soldier with a weapon different as if the studio DICE trying to convey the brutal image of that battle as accurately as possible accuracy by placing the player in different positions all ends tragic death.

Stage Friends in High provided a more exciting and fun atmosphere in the light of its focus on the personal pilot uppity "Blackburn" and who does not loves in his life ill two things fly planes, gambling, and therefore did not hesitate for a moment to seize British friend plane was going on an expedition with navigator "Wilson "Pettmknhm finished filming a large collection of photos of the places of stationing German troops and impregnable fortresses.

Soon they realize the person responsible for the British Air Force importance, "Blackburn" begins to send for various tasks ranging from the elimination of German aircraft or destroy the anti-aircraft guns and during that period recognize the player on the types of aircraft provided by the game and how to control all of them to prepare better the process of collective play, and after half an hour the same player repeats the same first task scenario, where it is placed in a huge open world environment while leaving him the freedom to deal with his enemies and explore the surrounding area to find the documents and collectibles and weapons to help him in his mission, although ammunition is limited will find highly in most of those stages.
Upgrade singles play for the first time in the Battlefield series from my path offers an exciting and sequential and concise events as much as possible, punctuated by cinematic scenes increase the Hamas player and attachment to what is happening, especially in the presence of dignitaries elaborately designed and motives implausible, each of whom is trying to justify his point of view and participate in war for a different reason, and the search for redemption or revenge, or freedom, and despite the fact that this neglected phase in all previous versions, but it is worth the experience in this part after it was thoroughly characteristically provided, thanks here to the studio back development that touched to be proficient in it, It did not try to provide a similar story for Shooting games competition Like last Asaddartin.

Story Battlefield 1 provided a distinctive atmosphere, but it does not represent 10% of the size of the excitement and thrill that you'll find in the collective competitions across the network, chain is which began its course depending on the phases of collective play just blend in that version of the classic correction and modern games, there are planes and tanks and means different transfer and heavy weapons as we used from the game, but at the same time everything is influenced by the era of the first World war, weapons ranges Short can not infect enemies from long distances with pinpoint precision and lacks the allocations that have long formed a key part of any game collective correction, but this has not adversely affected the style of play under the support of each faction set tools and equipment to defend himself and his team in different positions.

Back the First World War were not such fun all the time, studio DICE found himself confined to a small group of firearms that were used in that period so that the studio provided the weapons used in the last months of the war did not previously exist
The game saw the re-formation of the main factions to Medic and Assault and Support and Scout with the provision of two factions two new Tanker and Pilot does not participate in the primary battle directly but rather begin the game from inside the tank or plane automatically give them the opportunity to leave the vehicle at any moment and Joined forces infantry, each faction has a set of different tools work great if cooperation of the team members together, such as the ability to stop the tanks and vehicles terrestrial enemy using cannon aT Rocket exclusive faction Assault while the faction Medic get rid of the problem he faced in beta and became able to help all his colleagues infected very quickly, Quick largest tactics to help him in his mission Kalastaanh propelled smoke grenades to provide additional moments away from the eyes of the enemy to rescue his colleagues, explosives or thrower who assisted in any breakthrough fortified area also possesses.

Faction Scout perhaps not excessive force that we've seen in the beta, but it remains a very strong impact in most of the play maps designed to change significantly when approaching the end of the match thanks to midwiving the destruction of the environment, and difficult to stop him in many times, but in the case of cooperation with the rest of your colleagues, and Support Boasts lethal arsenal in the near and medium clashes heavy weapons, but still slower than the rest of the classes in the correction and the less his chances of survival in case of a shootout with a rival decided from quite a distance.

Back the First World War were not such fun all the time, studio DICE found himself confined to a small group of firearms that were used in that period, so that the studio provided the weapons used in the last months of the war did not previously exist, even though it owns the game a limited range of weapons for each faction, about 5 or 6 weapons only with different allocations focus on the extent of arms and accuracy and possession of binoculars close-up, in other words, you'll find a weapon MP 18 provides three different versions in the faction Assult difference between them is not vast, One of them has a correction greater accuracy because of a stethoscope , while the other version of the best teams in the simple control, the same thing applies to all factions without exception.

Customization options have not been completely ignored in Battlefield 1 where he can still each player choose the telescope, which will be used in the type of weapon and the degree of tilt during the correction, weapons, in general, will feel the player is weak and limited impact of being, but it is not so in fact if it is to use every weapon properly in terms of knowledge of the degree of deviation and rebound and the distance can be up to it, and that the shooting by trigger pressure does not automatically guarantee you eliminate your competitors, we are talking about the first World war here, ie a hundred years ago when the weapons were automatic half are prevalent, while submachine gun was shown for the first time and lacks the required precision and power, which is clearly reflected in the Battlefield 1 the use of a weapon M 1907 half automatic better and more accurate in hitting enemies from gun MP 18 automated, but the latter has the ability to deploy lead to better, making it the optimal nearby clashes .

Beside the weapons and provided the game an awful lot of ground, air and naval vehicles, differ in their characteristics and strength significantly, small tank can be controlled better and drive it one person but it weaker and more prone to destruction, Comes up that carrier aircraft more lethal bombs but difficult to control in the sky compared fighter jets The most streamlined and speed.
Collective phase of the game Battlefield 1 tried Commitment realism as much as possible without losing the pleasure, so you'll find assorted bunch of tools next to major weapons serves each faction differently ranging from gas very useful mustard bombs in the pattern of play Rush and a means characteristic to distract competitors, through the action of anti-tank and tossing weapons phones used in the siege of anywhere on the map, all this in addition to the ability to use the visor of gas, trapping the rhythm of compounds of the opposing team.

And the male style Rush, the game offers next four other styles play does not contain anything new except for the pattern War Pigeons, which is an alternative to the pattern of Capture The Flag famous, where to have here on a two teams found a pigeon correspondence and keep them for a few minutes before being released to bring air attack devastating on the map, but the process of Conquest is still the most realistic embodiment of the wars in video games under given a chance to 64 players to compete together in a vast virtual space to control a range of areas, while the process of Rush is the best way for each of the experience of the game for the first time to study all part of the map in detail in light of competition over a limited area and move to the next area in case the attackers succeeded in literal translation and destroyed two telegraph.

Operations pattern is one of the best additions to the game, where experienced integrates games between individual and collective phase together by giving the player the opportunity to fight a group of World War battles first

When you enter a list of team play you'll find the process a separate play for collective competitions called Operations, and is one of the best add-ons that witnessed the game, the pattern of play that combines Games individual and group stage together by giving the player the opportunity to fight a group of the battles that took place in the First World War the same areas and the same armies with a cinematic introduction and distinctive effects over time increase the Hamas player, making it closer to be developed a second story, the style of play is not much different from the rest of the phases, especially since it is a combination of Conquest and Rush together, but here on the attacking team to move carefully and to the loss of an opportunity, Ltd. in the first battle, especially since there are other battles will take them every soldier in the ranks, while defenders continue of movement between the two points selected date to defend them with all Otto of power, and the more they failed to protect one of the goals, the more troops confined to Backup Back to the Last point in the map.
The weakest part of the game from my point of view is the maps, initially was introduced nine maps only instead of 10 as we used to, and will issue final map in December is free -Your know what interest the fact of this Resolution but what I meant in that fractional is that 7 Maps of the 9 almost identical in the settings significantly, a vast area dotted with some of the slopes and hills and houses with balconies overlooking every direction and buildings every few kilometers show, most of the maps offer the same feeling with different private Sinai Desert and Fao Fortress terrain maps, and the difference really appears first in Amiens map that brought to mind memories of the Medal of Honor in light of being the French city was bombed and almost completely collapsed contain a lot of homes, roads and narrow tunnels and bridges, and did not hope for a moment from running any phase play within it, the same thing about the Argonne Forest map transporting players into a vast wooded area entirely different terrain and places of concentration of well-fortified, making contest which developed within a fun play to the maximum degree.

Turning Battlefield 1 new feature show for the first time is the Behemoth, a radical change is happening in Conquest games, and Operations and gives the team defeated preference to return to the game by controlling the huge balloon with firearms heavy, or driving armored train passes through the map back and forth to give the opportunity for the team defeated to complete their control over some points and get back to compete again, those feature that plays a pivotal role in the events of the game, according to the map that is running the player events, Jat and her grandmother very influential in certain maps such as the Sinai and the Argonne Forest, while losing its importance in other maps, such as Ballroom Blitz.

Thanks to the use of Frostbite engine, longer Battlefield 1 visual masterpiece in all its aspects, both the characters and clothes designed armies elaborately models, or weapons and tools that their appearance varies depending on the soil or the environment, which is fighting  Inside her type, not to mention the addition level and its impact greatly on the vision in the open spaces level and closed, all assisted by an impressive destruction of the system is the best since the launch of Bad Company 2 where they can destroy the majority of the buildings by the destruction of up to 90%, Add to that the sounds of the game end in a realistic either explosions or soldiers or cries of victory guidance after outdo your opponent and the occupation of a points fortified, all of this is complete dynamic weather, which plays a pivotal role in the heart of the events of the game that makes snipers Kalillab no importance to them or sand and rain storms that will change the style of play for each user significantly.

  • The story - 8 / 10
  • Playing style - 10/10
  • Graphics and sounds - 9.5/10
  • Continuity - 10 / 10
  • Brief Despite the fears, the First World War period to fit the Battlefield series one more than any other settings, after the game collected between realism and excitement at the same time provided the style of play balanced does not serve the faction over the other, add to it and there is the story of exciting events for the first time address the scourge of war and its impact negative on all human beings, and the process of collective play provides the best experience you could touch her player already feel at war, Battlefield-1 is not just a special part in the course of the series, but a new direction in DICE Studio succeeded very nicely implemented and certainly will help in re-highlight classic wars again and provide more in the future.
  • The final evaluation     

        9.5 / 10
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