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Cars Arcade games in the recent period is suffering because of the move away first symbol Need for Speed from the scene and, despite their presence, but the weak and games with poor quality representation greatly affected this category, as well as the departure CodeMasters from the scene and the lack of new parts of the Grid and Dirt value or add they are all re-submission of the same old ideas which require more work Vallaobein now they want to toy cars Arkidah world of open and crazy as it was Need for Speed we deal with the past.

Forza Horizon series of Microsoft give us the added games open world and a wide variety of cars in addition to the attractive fees may be absent realistic but we are talking about the Arcade game that is aimed at providing fun regardless of realism.

The third part in the series Forza Horizon 3 offers Car Games Arcade new concept and raising challenge for other developers in this type of car games Beginning style game that puts you in the ongoing clashes there was no chance even have to play without events, races big number, which offered in three forms every time defying the various in the first case you have to play one-race system and you have a chance to restore the race in a new atmosphere in the tournaments and there are a third chance to play in front of your friends updates of trying to break down their numbers or set a new best time of all.
Only it does not stop racing there is a chance defied any race car in the map, wherever they are in a simple racing is always what he used in the testing of new cars or trying to make money in the game during the transition from one place to another Vtadhaaa time to move across the map with playing a race or two this distance does not harm at all.

There's something else you can do and that is trying to find classic cars in garages across the map and collect all of the ways of Pokemon, we also have the possibility of playing a series of special events called Bucket List and you, for example, the use of a car to go cannulation work something specific distance or test jump cars or access to maximum speed Thus diverse activities in the continuous updates to you.

We also have a number of other types of races, which are key in the game in an unreasonable challenges just like the challenge of a train at race pace or challenged speedboats in the race are the river and you're on the road and so forms of racing crazy, which paid the enthusiasm you have and so on.

Everything you do in the game or applied to have the award whatever demented movements assume I wanted to roam all across the desert and driving at full speed in all this empty space we also reward every attempt to jump away on the hills of a friendly degrees and try driving fast has degrees landing characteristically and your car shatter has degrees uprooted  road signs have degrees everything you do in the game he sees as the skill of bad driving is a skill for the game and it rewards you and that's the best there is in a system equivalent to progress and play very decent.

Amendment to the car fits the style of the game with the addition of liberty for those who want depth manner simulation adjustable games himself and optimization of the performance of the car, you have two options, and both teams will have equal impressive results
Other cars are to have a great deal of interest in the game launch of a number more than 300 different car from a large number of manufacturers around the world to suit all different ideal place and different ways of driving interested Pal Drift or interested in speed or interested in controlling There are many choices and many of the formations of the brands have all but we have observed is the lack of game By manufacturers Japanese interest despite owning the game of cars from these factories like Toyota and Honda but the selection were not the same degree of intensity for other makers of America or Europe.

As well as graphical modifications of the forms on the body of the car you can browse forms of industry have been other players at no cost only selected a form in which you like and class in seconds saving you the whole time and there are a lot of creative skills, which the owners do not dry up in the form of modified cars.

Already the game centered on the participation of society in the content-making, such as cars scrupulous and essential amendments also reminded us of game content from the racing industry, there are a lot of races within the game centered on the design of the players for these races and you can reproach place and the song that operate during the race and the time of the race during the day as well as the number of twists and type cars participating in the race and then making propaganda for the race poster appears in the lists of all the friends to share it.

Participation in the races and between the players is not only limited to friends there also share with the club that he joined a fantastic Another advantage in the game are encouraged to expand the players and the circle of participants in yours Races and the existence of a list of other players are competing with them in the ranking within the club and get Also awards for your progress in the standings within the club

Graphically the game we might be able to put it in comparison with the other branch of the chain and interested in racing simulator Forza Motorsport series in Part VI Specifically with different parts combination of being a branch cares Ppalarkdi series Horizon branch cares simulated series Motorsport which keeps the CSS style play, which continues to provide races at tracks closed therefore be the game always higher graphically because the areas that deal with it in a limited design compared to the open world of the series Horizon Though the two strings used their same engine graphic, but there is a clear difference in the fees, the difference does not necessarily reflect the weakness of Horizon graphically or she is less such a large figure, but details generally lower and that again not prevents the game Forza Horizon 3 is a new chapter in creativity and graphic We will tell you why.

The game offers a succession of gorgeous for the night and day are smooth completely no further word reduce him only game since Need for Speed Shift, which provides leadership in the darkness of the night an impressive and completely bleak in my opinion, make the atmosphere system to stimulate and anticipation of all aspects of the way for the limited viewing angle lamps car lamps and other cars it is not just about punishing night and day, day and night periods but are included wonderful for all times of day and with the lighting characteristic of the game makes every scene and you are the center of the field or on the road or the middle of the forest appropriate to stop and take pictures of remembrance and brag about them on social networks.

The environment around you in a very special game and everything is new to the world of racing open-world games, there is no game open world to race provide you with this advanced graphical class only Need for the last Speed Comparing fast the game is a map of limited means only small compared to a game of Forza Horizon 3 as well as the only progress just some simple shots the night of the dawn in certain places of the map, so the comparison is completely settled in favor of Forza Horizon 3.

Environment along the playing field provides details of a multi-part system of weather to a light mist to sunny climate to an atmosphere with light rain all additions alter the shape of the game environment around you and make everywhere distinctive way and push the game better graphically especially during the rainy period.

Cars play out details is the most conservative to move the thing as it is unchanged from the Forza Motorsport 6 overall level graphical quite similar in the two games without any reduced level as well as the virtual car around used cars stationed in the catalog of the game to be crowding the city with excellent fees for her and not just closed funds Like the other games moving Almost the same Content graphical virtual cars regular car but with some sort of a reduction to maintain the performance of the game.

The only drawback to the game is a form of grass distaste somewhat but technology generation limits large, The games all suffer from the same problem, but publicly contrast trees cool shape as well as small houses, the details of a very good case if the buildings in the cities and in the city may find people to coffee shops as well as on the beaches and in the regions celebration event Horizon fee simple but very lively enough to make you feel the world around you.

The game offers a great diversity in the environment around you from deserts to forests to fields to the mountains to the coast until the cities there are lots and lots of environments to test them playing field does not have a single format for the form of the environment and will not make you feel bored for being boxed to the number of long hours of gameplay in one place all the details from similar there always plenty to see and dazzled him in the world of Forza Horizon 3 wide.

Outlet graphic on the game is some of the problems related to performance playing field on the 1080p is playable However activate DSR or Dynamic feature Super Resolution of Nvidia to run the game on a 4K even if your screen accurately 1080p game works without problems or any landing tires accuracy, unfortunately, the game has a number of problems performance on the personal computer and the developers are working on issuing continuous updates, but the main problem of the game is the use of only a single nucleus from the central processor and the concentration of pressure on large format makes the game exposed to For such problems fall tires on a few beats that do not put pressure on your graphics card, but with the use of High accuracy disappear problems because the game moves in the pressure on the GPU.

Voices of the game we can be described as moderate There are voices of the environment around you if it gets in the middle of Jungle will begin to hear the sound of birds, but the voice of the trees and its murmur may also be weak when it travels to Beach will find the sound of waves but the wind does not exist in the forces playing field provides the voices for the environment is average, as well as the voices of the tire the brakes and engines automotive collision or sounds may be good or medium but also in the racing game nor the fact we do not care all of this stuff just the spirit of references into me call me to focus on the small stuff.

Of course there are online experience short, it is the game itself, but collectively only move to play against people not intelligent synthetic may play out or do not have postponed it until after the end of the game basically alone and extends the life of playing a collective or cooperative everything choosing no force you to play in a specific way.
In the end, the game Forza Horizon 3 is a game of racing to the world open the best in history so far, a combination of fun and strong fee also offers the style of play of power and social qualities through continuous development and inherited from generations of the game down the third part of the Horizon series, of course, we recommend To play it and if you have a computer personal able to run or XBOX One to buy them without hesitation would Saeb option if you love cars Alarcadah games.

The final evaluation

9.5 / 10
Review For Forza Horizon 3 Review For Forza Horizon 3 Reviewed by ONDEXGO on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Rating: 5

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