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It is popular to issue each year a game face immense problems on your PC and start because of them always platforms war again, and the sad thing is to infect a curse Bort bad awaited only the Games and that is supposed to be its aware by waiting and suspense surrounding the game, and the last victim of this sustainable curse is the Mafia III and recently issued with the beginning of the month from the distribution of the company 2K games and the development of hanger 13, and we can say that the disappointment surrounding this game has emerged early even before they are issued, and was the company announced that the game carrying a lock on the frame rate prevents it from going above 30 frames, of course, owners revolted PC, making the company's bow and issued amendment makes the frame rate open and here was a great disaster, but let's not get ahead of events All this We will talk about it Our review
Mafia III

The game comes from a rich family The former sister Mafia 2, which was submitted on time - and Until now - complete artistic experience, starting with the graphics of the game and style of their own playing and distinctive story, which force you to interact them so you can imagine the pressure, which lies beneath the game, you will take your game above technical errors and problems graphical? Or that their problems would be simpler graphical what where?

The story contains all the factors that prepare them success and dance about societal problems, but talking Atha and set them in front of your eyes in a clear and explicit, they are running in the seventies in the imaginary city called new Bordeaux we can say that it was built in the city of New Orleans and of course like any other place in the United States that era, the new Bordeaux was located under the rule of various ethnic mafias, which were trading in any and everything from the beginning of the transfer of human and medical materials and ending with the ordinary business of drug and cigarette smuggling, murder and, of course, acts of prostitution.

Our hero, a Lincoln clay, an American boy black unknown father grew up in the confines of the President of the Black Mafia, which Mantes then controlled in the hollow area, which was already filled with the black population, like any black community, they were falling under the weight of murder, kidnapping and otherwise, went our hero to war and fought fiercely and craftsmanship Vietnam and received training at the hands of the special forces, making him the killing machine can not be stopped, and when the war ended he returned to his house to surprise that the situation with his adoptive father and his brother from bad to worse, of course, like any good champion does not want to murder and commit acts of evil it pays them a boost, as you can see the hero characterized by personality shallow paid outraged the blind and all surrounding the main characters playing field has been drawn without any dimensions leave you to sign and remember that even Vitto Scalleta who left within us a distinctive mark in the previous section became old worn  does not care Only about money and just revenge.

The story is a traditional selection of the stories of the Mafia and cliches associated and this was the first problem with me, you would find the desire for revenge of the mafia leader, which converge with the interests of some government agencies to get rid of him as well as the extraordinary man who can do everything alone and who will face the evil empire alone and Dismantle it piece by piece, the story evolves and becomes her features clear in the first hours of the game, and really new and featured in the game is the way you present your story out, you do not see the story was happening in front of you in the act present even Alomrklh is the news reel of bad events that occurred in the city and it comes up either hadeeth with the official client on the case at the time or hadeeth with one eyewitness who lived through the event or even a federal as the fulfillment with a CIA agents and secret to anyone the idea of news ticker I liked and helped some missing points in the story and Catch in her world.

The game feeds the idea of the plot with every step in, As you will discover that the mafia has reached a lot of politicians or corrupt judges and of course the service officers and police were able to put them in her pocket During your trip you will have to kill each other and invent new ways to be able to kill them without being arrested you.

"The game nourishes the idea of the plot with every step in, As you will discover that the mafia has reached a lot of politicians or corrupt judges and police service officers, of course."
Playing style, although it contained some new points that could be built upon a distinctive game right and offers new details, but they failed in this, and contented themselves with offering some new ideas primarily as ideas and spent time and put some of the ideas even in the menus, and to stand at this point, without having to try to pass this renewal of the inside game and the events and tasks to be undertaken on a daily basis. after going so close to ten hours in the game world you will find that you are able to anticipate everything that will happen next and how and where it will go the story and even tasks become duplicate very here not just talking about your style mission to end, but for the same task and context of the same and that since the start in the events of the story and start your mission solo, during an attempt to Lincoln for revenge will look for assistance and will recruit three lieutenants him all of them will be judged part of the city on behalf of Lincoln in an attempt to throw a sale control of the city and this will be for by killing the heads of gangs loyal to him, how would reach these presidents? Using the same way throughout the game without any difference mention, some theft and some of the killings and you'll find that the back and you have to deal with him, after dealing with him will be of your men to come forward to take his place and take over its operations and, of course, you'll get your share of these funds, which will enable you to increase it by doing some errands the side that will be repeated throughout the game.

You can drive anything that moves in the game, these things can find her sandwiched between some cars and trucks or rapid river barges Depending on the task for you, but varied vehicles library belong to that historical era of American muscle cars marked with the monster and this money also applies to trucks And we can say that the only improvement on last part came in the charioteer so control easier and more realistic.

And one of the disappointments in the game is to shoot, he is upsetting way easy, even with the closure of the aming bot weapons in spite of its diversity, but it remains the same from the beginning of the game until the end, the only difference is the closed arms and started to open it you find yourself in need of a purchase money or do some errands private, non-realistic correction is really annoying when Tmzjh industrial stupidity in the game you will find that you complete tasks very easily and it does not represent you any challenge reminds you'll be able to pistol and silencer that destroys the entire camp of thine enemies, even if some of them far from you too great a distance.
The game lacked the personal development of the system as usual and all that there are some additions in the health, otherwise available as a kind of rewards on some of the side missions.
The company has shown interest in the development of sub-points, such as menus and the system UnderBoss completely neglected the same game events and play on a daily basis
It may be the most innovative and which the company has spent considerable time working on is the underboss system of where each of them links will facilitate your life in the new broadaux such dealer mobile weapon which you can request at any place or Valet service at your place - Although your ability to steal any the car you want - and all of these services will evolve and get better the more the loyalty of the UNDERBOSS you.
During the trip to the dismantling of empire sal mercano will capture the areas that were controlled by generating the money and left the area under your control should be assigned to one of Mlazmik even run and increases the income and therefore your income, the distribution of property that in addition to the side gear provided all underboss is that the process what controls the rate of loyalty to you and the services to be provided, of course, if you tend to one of the UnderBoss and you distribute all the areas him, the others will be angry and here you'll find some new problems that you will have to deal with it, you will find it attacks you always attempts to continuously Men Sal to kill you, of course, you will have to kill them first.

The shock of the real game was not at a fixed frame rate, but was Valrsomyat that mildly from a century past, trees, water, and even cars and accidents all look like in a game released in 2006-2008, a funny thing in mafia II characterized Brsomyatha distinctive although it than the previous generation.
In the beginning, I thought that the community began biasing the game and I tried to just ignore it.
 as much as possible, but with a progressive playing field and performing tasks in the water, or the different environments it has become troublesome and destroys you try it out, and the lighting system and the succession of day and night is no better off than the graphics Suddenly you will find lighting so strong that silly someone might raise the brightness, and in some other areas that should be black or lit at night and you'll find that you can't see ,And it's getting worse, some close, some in-game graphics settings will increase game performance.

What really Makes you sad  is that the game environment is very diverse and reflects the diversity and divergence between community classes in that era, you would find the area of Bayou and inhabited by the less fortunate and the poor, and you will find that maximize their vehicles are small or very old boats, trucks, and there is also the french ward which does not expire Ahtflath do not worry about anything, but in what will spend their money and You will find them. spend in the streets in their cars luxury, and this difference does not only appear in the environment even in the details of people and the way they dress and talk and interact with you, in some areas will not even try to call the police if the theft of a vehicle or shot on one of them and other areas You will find them eager to call the police.

Built the entire game on the period of time so you'll find that everything in the game belonged to until the radio and the music that operate it permanently find all of the classics that we're used to, and in sometimes you will find talk shows and talk about people's problems, or invite them to attend the concert, which will be changed also when on a mission affect the story and you'll find that the radio and people in the streets of talking only about you and look at you stares filled with fear and suspicion, game music as we belong to the era of the seventies And eighties mainly and the rest of the votes unrelated to the game and voice performance of the game is not much different from Rsomyatha.

If we have here a strange mix, the story, and the dynamism and dealing with the underboss is very distinct and Drive you to continue as much as possible in the game, but there are old and non-playing style developer at all, in addition to the artificial stupidity obviously makes you kill a group of people in the arena with a weapon without pay attention you and strange and funny The glechat the sad at the same time - the most famous of Glish mirror - in addition to the graphics the previous generation, and I think that this mixture is strange is what will speed up the game quickly forgotten, especially since the RPG games category that depends on cars and killing off too many third-person perspectives and the most famous GTA and awaited Watch dogs 2, therefore, fail the game to remain in your memory long opposite of what happened with the Mafia II.
  • Environmental diversity and expanded - 7/10
  • Playing style and its evolution - 6.5/10
  • Fees - 7/10
  • Votes - 5/10
  • Story and interdependence - 8/10
  • Brief : If you have some spare time if Kill him the game either if you're pressed as most players, I advise you to postpone the game or do without it altogether, you are not going to lose a lot in the experiment will not lose a lot of fun, but if you're looking for re glories of Mafia II and undergoing the same experience I advise that the characteristic behavior of view once and for all and the game away as much as possible so that it does not distort those beautiful memories do not get disappointed
  • The final evaluation  
           7.5 / 10
Review For Mafia III Review For Mafia III Reviewed by ONDEXGO on Sunday, October 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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