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PES 2017

Is no secret that the series Pro Evolution Soccer play the role of supplements in competition years ago and offers the first competitor FIFA them by far in recent years is clearly visible, but on the level the other how it handled Konami this apparent late in the game in front of the competitors and what are the steps that must be taken.

For many, and I'm insatiable development at the level of play and improve the fee is not enough will not benefit me buy a product as a phone, for example, has the greatest specifications but are ugly as well as the case here in PES 2017 have improved and we have developments but still are ugly because of the rights of leagues and teams, I would not be happy because I'm trying to translate the names of teams premier league and find out who this team is named in west London, by any logic to discover this thing!

Before I start to play PES 2017 I had the intention of discovering the possibility of changing things and applying old solutions have heard that they can work on the PS4 Vllomanh I am far from the series for quite some time and I avoid to play because of these problems, but the circumstances of the audit decided to play again in the hope that I find the development and held the game of the new , back to our topic there are these amendments Bmlagafat transitions, and the names of the teams and logos in addition to slogans patrols for your PS4 Oadhas which I was surprised to do well very well not quite, but there was some interventions to limited action amendments to the PS4, but anyway we have made these amendments things became more acceptable for me now, I can choose the team Manchester United, for example, find their clothes exist

PES 2017

It's good that the developers leaves PES each year tailgate of a modified open to cover the shortcomings of the game in the right spot Valomr compensate for the failure of Konami in securing good agreements with clubs and international federations to buy tournaments and rights, which we do not know Is it not important to this degree normal and who would not discuss optimal for addition clothing and the names of the teams every year teams shocking and strange names!

Graphically the game does not fail never convince you that has the best fees and outperform competitors in terms of the transfer of the faces as well as stadiums details, but as usual, has a large shortage in a sense the stadium itself I still possessed this feeling that the stadium is empty and soulless. There is no Hamas matches and that must feel there a significant shortfall in the atmosphere of the games themselves, and it reflects a realistic.

Turning to the motor and pick up the special movement players With the evolution of her. But there is a big restrict the movement of the player does not find dynamics as it is supposed to in 8 directions smoothly A lot of times you find the player passes the ball in the opposite direction unrealistically completely off the legs in the opposite form of body movement , not to mention the similarity of their respective movements of players a run-Fi player on the pitch has the same movement and the same capacity to run all being and all paid off and everyone passes the same strength!

There is the other point shots, which represented infinity aside doubled in the game-Fi player he could threaten the goal is very strong for reimbursement from anywhere in the stadium and there are no laws of physics here is not important at all.

Playing always fast pitch , defenders do not exist almost simple passes hit their presence and wasted your organization entire defense because the midfield is just a name and supports only offensive does not make any defensive role. With quick play that characterizes Edition and the fact is the recipe can be applied to all versions of PES playing field becomes an exhibition of targets in the game and know your weaknesses go back to the days Wining Eleven 3 when we win on each other targets up to 8 sometimes Playing a more open and all players are attackers.

PES 2017

In other styles there is not much is simply copied to the same patterns of last season limited developments does not deserve the great male and members Pages her of being with an attraction to try it or prefer to those of the competitor.

Unfortunately, the game is no longer as it was a witch The series of PES stopped by the time when in 2010 the latest version provided reasonable development and has entered into successive versions did not see the return to the same level, but be promulgated in 2013, which made the style of excellent play and wait each year as usual the game offers a good shape and style of play special but we are frustrated as always for their inability to break the impasse and the tunnel in which it resides they need to re-work on it from scratch and no improvement kinetic essential part of the game needs to be modified movement of players like robots are not acceptable now at us to a more realistic movements in all games, not just sports.

The final evaluation


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