Problems Facing Dishonored 2 On PC

 Dishonored 2

Is the curse would continue Bort bad with the PC?! Or is it just the month of November rain on us more blessings?! After it is disappointed Mafia III hope comes round today Dishonored 2 having been launched in some parts of the world and the problem is that this launch comes with a decrease in frame rate!

While these problems appeared only on the PC version and as the one users NeoGAF published about the game and his experience with him - it is one of those who received revised version of the game - the game experience to run on 60FPS rate 1440p resolution in spite of the strength There Personal Computer ! Even with the closure of some additional options in the graphics, but the game never reach the 60FPS rate but at times become 13FPS and this image from within the game.

Dishonored 2

Of course, this was to pass over previously esteemed but after continuous disappointments that hit PC users and new style Bethesda not to send any copies of the audit it seems like convincing attempt to pass it and deceive users.
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