The First Gameplay Of The Signal From Tölva

The Signal From Tölva

Big Robot—the team chargeable for 2014's open-world survival game Sir, you're Being Hunted—is onerous at work on its next project: The Signal from Tölva. 1st excited in August, the non-scripted first-person area shooter tasks players with distinguishing a mysterious frequency, whereas at the same time measurement a distant planet. It's currently excited some extended developer-led in-game footage that offers a little additional in its premise. 

"When you are not exploring the ruins of the alien ballistic capsule for the origins of the signal," explains the developer's Jim Rossignol, "you're about to be fighting enemy factions for the management of varied locations across the globe. The faction you are operating with already incorporates a robust presence on the earth, however, it's up to you to expand that influence and expand their resources to uncover the secrets of the signal. Rival factions are here too, and they are about to be operating against you."

The following footage shows that in following, whereas conjointly touching upon a number of Tölva's additional refined mechanics. Look out for the robot-directing module that options around the four.50 mark. 

Towards the top of the video, Rossignol stresses there is additional to The Signal from Tölva than combat, however, it's already piqued my interest from the insufficient we have seen up to now. it is not due to some purpose next year
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