See The New Trailer Of Absolver

Absolver is a "online multiplayer combat RPG" that, to me, feels like Bushido Blade meets Zeno Clash (and if it is not that, may somebody create that, please?) it absolutely was proclaimed some months past, and it is not got any less enigmatic since, even with the discharge of a replacement trailer at the PlayStation expertise yesterday.

The Sloclap-developed And Devolver-published game remains on the right track for a such-and-such 2017 unleash, and you may be happy to listen to that it's "coming initially to PS4 with exclusive content". Boo-urns! will that mean it's going to air PS4 before Xbox One, or on PS4 before Xbox One and PC? it is a bit unclear, however hopefully, that "exclusive content" is no over a bunch of inconsequential fluff like Crash pouched mammal and Kratos masks or one thing.

Regardless, pardoner remains wanting pleasing. Here's a brief trailer confirming that:

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