Free PlayStation Plus Game Expected For Next May

We are back to you again in the free games forecast section and we are now on the doors of the month of May, where will be revealed free games on Wednesday, April 25 as we return Sony and here in this paragraph will put our expectations for some of the games may be among the games Balas for the new month.

1. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

One of the most powerful parts of the series Souls, which is characterized by difficulty and need your patience and the power of bearing, but also will leave within you a great impact and special love for this series in all its distinctive parts of the first Sin is a modified version of the current generation devices include all the additions issued to the copy The previous generation.
The game from the titles nominated to be within the free games Balas for a while and I think that if we did not see the games in May will be in another month.

2. Night in the Woods

Balas games often include games from independent developers and here we have one of the special games that came from a freelance developer, Night in the Woods, which gives us a story full of events that combine emotion with touches of comedy.
The story of the game talking about the cat Mia, who tries to adapt to her new life after usually to her city and try to make friends again, but there will be many obstacles and challenges that will face Mia in her adventure.

3- Divinity: Original Sin Improved version

This game is the development of the Larian studio, which is one of the best collaborative RPG games that were issued before on the PC, but the development team succeeded in bringing the game to the home appliances and control the control to fitfully with the console. The game offers a similar style of games MMO Japanese, but the wonderful where it allows the two people to share playing on the same device split screen and you can learn more about the game from the video above.

4- Puyo Puyo Tetris

Sega's famous puzzle game may be one of Sony's options for next month's free blues, especially as Sony tends to gather family members and put them in front of family-friendly challenges. Puyo Puyo Tetris is one of the best games to provide this atmosphere.

Do not forget to download the games of the month of April, which will end on the first Tuesday in May (May 1) date of the new month games.

* Mad Max (PS4)
* Trackmania Turbo (PS4)
* In Space We Brawl (PS3)
* Toy Home (PS3)
* 99 VIDAS (PS Vita)
* Q * Bert Rebooted (PS3 / PS4 / PS Vita)
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