There May Not Be A New Part Of The Game God Of War

After five years of hard work and hard work, Corey Parlog and the team have been able to present the new part of the God of War series in a new and unusual way in the history of the series. Despite being criticized from the first moment of the game's discovery two years ago, On the game in presenting the game as he sees it and now sits Corey and a team watching this great success.

The game and before the market has been a success in rallying Hamas fans after the high reviews achieved by the game globally and is now one of the strongest titles Sony exclusive in terms of degree of evaluation on the site of Metacritics and began the game implemented from pre-demand markets in many sales centers such as Amazon and Games and others and all this even before the game was issued days, but what after, and what will give us a Cory and a degree after that ?!

In a recent interview, Korey spoke of his desire to present something new and different from his own creativity. He said:

I want to present something entirely new from my creative, I hold my thoughts 100%.

A Korean talk might suggest that at least he will not be the direct supervisor of the next part of the game God of War, which spoke or hinted in the past that it will exist and may be attributed to the output and work to another studio in collaboration with the studio Santa Monica, the current part of the current part Corey and his team will focus on the new title.

This is especially expected as Sony seeks to introduce innovative new titles from its large professional studios and we have seen how the Guerrilla Games presented their new game Horizon Zero Dawn and achieved great success and the Bend studio, which is currently working on the game of zombies and the open world Days Gone and The Sucker Punch, which works on the open world game and the Ghost of Tsushima. Santa Monica Studios is also preparing to exit the God of War shell to start the new and different legitimate.

A Korean speech cannot be taken as a confirmation of the new direction, but the success of the God of War game, in which exclusive ideas were applied to the new direction and its success, may raise Sony's confidence in giving the opportunity to work on its own legitimacy.

Would you like to see a different new project from God of War developers or would you like to continue to provide new parts for the game?!

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