This Is Fatal PUBG OR PUBG 2..?!

New Battle Royale game under the name Ring of Elysium has recently appeared on the scene, but the odd thing is that after watching several shows and videos of the style of play we noticed that it is exactly the same for PUBG but with better graphics and less technical problems.

However, some sources mentioned that Tencent also played a role in the development of the game. It is one of the companies involved in publishing the game PUBG, which is the main owner of the rights of the game on mobile devices around the world. This puts us in front of two things: Perhaps what we see is PUBG 2, which is somewhat unlikely because PUBG Corp is the sole owner of the title. The second possibility is that Tencent has nothing to do with this game, which may be a strong competitor to PUBG.

The game is not much different from PUBG's style and idea, but more maps and effects that may affect the game, such as climate change and rain, are all very powerful graphics as you see in the video.

The game is currently in beta phase and is dedicated to personal computers and to update the copy of home appliances, but there may be a dedicated version of smartphones will be revealed in the future.
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