Finally: Fortnite Coming To Android This Summer

Epic Games recently announced its intention to launch Fortnite on Android this summer, and also talked about the following changes to smartphones in its latest article.

First of all, the studio confirmed that it launched the HUD on-screen customization feature on the iOS system after many requests over the past few weeks. He stressed that they will also be available in the Android version.

Perhaps the most important additions that the US team intends to include in the smartphone versions is the voice chat feature. The developer suggested that he knew perfectly well that this feature was usually the key to victory. Nor do we forget his announcement that smartphone players will be able to chat with their friends in the team regardless of which platform they play.

Of course, there will be an option that allows you to lock the chat feature on yourself or on other players to ensure the optimal experience.

Finally, Epic Games promised audiences to continue to support and improve Fortnite on smartphones.

The Android version has not received a specific date yet.
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