Games Expected For Next June For A PlayStation Puls

Ten days separate us from the month of June and almost a week from the date of the unveiling of Balas games for the next month, which will be with us every last Wednesday of every month and today we will share with you some of our expectations about the games that may be launched free of charge for the PlayStation 4 next month within the free games Balas.

1- The Order: 1886

One of the games that remind us of the days of launch PlayStation 4 especially as it showed the power of PlayStation 4 and provided us Graves very distinctive, despite the weakness of the story and negative criticisms obtained by the game, especially the age of the game is very short.

It is good to have the game in the Balas this month to give the opportunity for the new community who joined the PlayStation to try one of the games that were one day the dream of anyone who was intending to buy PlayStation 4.

2- Gravity Rush 2

The first part of the game was a day of the day one of the games free games and now Sony is preparing to close servers after almost a month from now and this means that the game is over and this is an opportunity to provide the second part of the audience of the game especially as it offers a new direction and a wider world than before.

3- Lara Croft GO

Sony has always put together games between the PlayStation 4 and the Fita and the wonderful puzzle game Lara Croft GO may be one of the best games that Sony can offer us next month, especially with the disclosure of the third and last part of the series recently may be the time to present this fun part of the audience.

4- Salt & Sanctuary

This game is also one of the common games that are released on the PlayStation 4 and the Fita and are of the two - dimensional games Side Scrolling any one-sided photography.

The game despite its simplicity, but it gives the feeling and atmosphere of the game Dark Souls with the monsters and the atmosphere of the game, but I did not have one day to experience and whether difficult as hard as Dark Souls.

These are some of the games we expect some of them to be in the list of Sony Playstation free games for the PlayStation 4 and now we only have to wait until Wednesday, May 30 to see what Sony will give us then.

Also, do not forget to download this month's games before the first Tuesday of June and you can see the games, Balas, this month below.


  • Beyond: Two Souls
  • Rayman Legends


  • Risen 3: Titan Lords
  • Eat Them

PS Vita

  • King Oddball
  • Furmins
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