Rumor: Upcoming Superman Game Detection

You've heard about the next Rocksteady studio project, with rumors that it's about Superman Superman. Today, we have confirmation of that saying, and even more with exciting information.

One of the users of the famous 4Chan platform provided a number of exciting details about the game, which will be three times larger than Arkham Knight.

Here's the complete leak:

* Developed by Rocksteady with the Unreal Engine 4 engine.
* It will include a huge open world on Metropolis - three times bigger than Arkham Knight with many buildings.
* You will not be able to play Clark Kent.
* Brainiac will be the main enemy in this segment.
* The environment will be destroyed but in part.
* The combat system will, of course, include flying.
* Events will take place in the same world as Arkhamverse.
* Will contain a lot of references to the Superman world and his stories, as will be referred to some of the events in the series games Batman Arkham.
* Rocksteady and WB Montreal are working on a common team game, Justice League. But they have to disclose the Superman game first and are expected to be unveiled just before the E3 2018.

The company has not confirmed the news so far.

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