Superhot JP New Game Of Superhot

In the year 2016, Superhot Team launched the game Superhot game, which is based on the idea of not moving things and enemies in the world of the game until the personality of the player, and after the success of this game through the idea of ​unique that was released last year for PPlayStation4 in addition to the Xbox and PC before.

The game too team is working on the Superhot JP project, which includes a 15-stage alternative story with Japanese-inspired worlds such as samurai castles and others.

As we learned that it will provide the ability to avoid bullets, as well as the player, will be given new weapons such as bow and arrow, in addition to the existence of endless stages of the game.

Superhot JP is scheduled to be launched for PlayStation 4 and PC in Japan at a reasonable price as stated in the statement without mentioning the virtual reality version.
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