Get PS4 encounter only 150 euros!

With the release of the slimmest version of the Ps4 and allowed the issuance of a copy of the pro find that all shops Alaltkronah and normal trying to get rid of its stockpile of copying the old PS4, and this comes, of course, Vsalehna We are consumers and a living example of this benefit is the reduction provided by Amazon UK shop on the platform.

And featured in this reduction that does not offer a lower price only, but offers a free version of FIFA 17 - which reached fabulous prices in some Arab countries -.

Of course, you would like to know the cost of this special offer? It's only 150 euros without the international shipping fees, customs, and even with the added rate is a distinctive deal confluence of SR 630 --1 500 melodic Mbar- will get the PS4 area of ​​500 GB and FIFA17, I remind you that the offer ends at the end of the inventory of platforms.

Update: It seems that the show is over! This means that he ended up in less than two hours! Stay tuned for the site perhaps there is a new offer soon.

The Offer link: 

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