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In 2008 when he released Mirror's Edge for the first time was a strange game offers a new form of Action no weapons or anything other than running, jumping and strikes derived from taekwondo, karate, the game did not achieve deployment Jehanha but had an audience loving specially rising popularity of parkour at this time even parkour has become known now largely thanks to Assassin's Creed series, and thanks to this game.

Developers DICE Yen worked a lifetime to Battlefield was surprised them working on this game in the past are reversed Ahtmamthm flew permanent studio game were not successful to such a degree, but formed an audience enough to wait for the new part, which Alasatdio deliberately strive to present the series differently and updated and making Reboot Series one way or another and make the old part perspective another different period of time a little bit a part Catalyst fought the Children's Faith and background joining the movement against the resistance instead of Anadek in Action directly and there were Alkkir of stories about the background of the heroine.

The game turned from play-paced system in the old part to open the world to override all the games today and has become a fashion spread that was the feeling of freedom, including the provision of extra hours of exploration for prolonged period of play, of course, there are other components of these open world elements of the main and side missions and exploration and compilation also cutting Disseminated in the open world games, a random errands sweet map deployed in the game.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst 1 random errands extends to the possibility of your industry have a cross-action race speed tasks what determination and participation for all to Aejrebouna after you it's not all fun and duplicate tedious tasks, as well as the open world, did not provide distinctive added places are all similar to each other and often I feel like Edwar in workshops and explore the world open already here wonder about the significance of this really added to the game!

Main tasks for the same story is not a duplicate, not bad versa is very good and there is the repetition in the side missions Introduction versatile in play and puzzles in how lute up or how to move from one place to another in the same room all the fun missions are not boring and maligned the game in key tasks but the disadvantage to adding side missions and random because they contain a lot of tedious Alllhzat Oadaaltnql about the world of the game was boring and very iterative.

Improve skills or system healthiest increase the rank of personal sense is through Akchapk to experience points to end errands or pick Grid Links Sweet map Every time you possess the sufficient points you will be able to open a new skill for a character like Hlarch reduce the force of the impact the ground when jumping from a high place or even movements and increase the strength of Faith in the face of the enemies and their factions are all affect your play and you'll find that the opening of these very skills required and can not be overlooked.

There is also the fun things in the game and were moments very enthusiastic from the use of new tools, there are a lot of equipment in the game, which can be used by Faith in developing the method of mobility in the game but unfortunately they are not used in many other possible such Garbling Hock which lets you swing or be drawn to higher mechanical way Despite the presence but friendly places and moments it was not as big space in the design stages and in the surrounding world.

Alcae AI in the game is a defective and very weak stuff unfortunately Fighting with various factions was not epic, for example, or difficult even to stupidity default figures easier for you to play. You can pass by them or through them without being dispute and passes over esteemed or you can even overlooked and escape us it to confront and finish the job already easily the game relies on a run and escape, but Atahhalaslobin in play will not hurt and raise the level of artificial intelligence of the game was necessary Jaddavalaaadae in the game feel their Kalcolmbars in these bearish movies that you progress Action beatings and heavy fall of enemies over some of them and see where the main character look very strong unchecked.

The game proceeded to use 60 as part of a copy center console to provide the style of fast play and smelting fit the scene, but the effect on the image quality Vtenaim edges is the worst that was introduced this generation on the center console Almost no jagged edges, definitively until ores Textures of very low quality without justification and the world around you lacks design characteristic, the game overall is not Balmpehrh graphically not approaching even from just a medium to provide the world around you and focused on the details of the unnecessary and ultimately outcome was graphically very bad not reflect the reputation of the Frostbite Engine engine developer studio DICE, which is expected to see the appearance of graphical better shape and not categorize Ramastr old game without distinctive additions and the development of good for a fee.

Even the developer figures details deliberately to concern only the main character even in the reflections see the face of Faith featured its details, but the rest of the characters were not the features of almost but not movie scenes of what we knew exactly looked like we do not know the justification here for the weakness of the game graphically and it can not quality served in the scenes that preceded the issuance of the game or even scenes that explain the implementation of strikes within the game there is a big difference between the supply of and the fees which was introduced before.

Unlike fees there were Asdoat distinctive wide upgrading deliberately to provide surround sound characteristic of the game with a very good environment Asdoat such as foot traffic and gliding with mixing all this turnout propria of the glass with the motor it is really remarkable, even with scenes that go up the high buildings was good Asdoat with Asutea wind that rises to the height of the place.

Representation and performance, whether physically in movie scenes or even a voice-over events of the game are also well-presented emotions on the faces of the characters and a sense of attitude Ocean completely.

In the end of the game in terms of gameplay points very distinctive and his regime, but all these additions open to the world and turn it again for the game with an open world and random missions was also not necessary graphical her poverty Tga the essence in providing distinctive good game and the tasks we wish only not be issued game these additions and commitment studio directing every effort to provide a game with a rich content of the main tasks and provide better fees as expected

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