Game Ghost Recon: Wildlands Will Contain More Than 100 Mission In There Story

Game Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Managed Ubisoft in the last period of success in the field of games that rely on the process of multi-players or that you need a permanent connection to the Internet and we saw this success The division and later in the Rainbow six and wait for a, to be issued next year, adding new Ubisoft, which will carry the name of Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Belong to this same world, and in a recent interview with Tom Isaksen artist responsible for the characters in the game world talked about the game world extensively and added a lot of information that gives us a better idea about the game.

How Playgroup system will work in Ghost Recon: Wildland?

The game revolves around a team of four players, of course, there will be developed singles play and will not interfere with the process of team play, we do not want to force the players to approach a certain play, of course you will be able to play with your friends and be a team with them and you can also play with strangers and if you find it difficult in finding people to play with them you will be able to play with artificial intelligence and enjoy the game on your own, all you Cetktsabh in the process of individual play will move you in the process of collective play and vice versa.

Why will consist of the game? Or rather what it will do Alaabbon in the game?

Game is based on exploring the world broadly, the whole world is open to you and there are no towers to climb, you go and explore the world and find the tasks and requirements and you can choose if you want to play or supplemented are exploring this vast world.

How do the matchmaking system will work if you wanted to play with a friend tried it for the first time?

The Matchmaking will depend on your progress in the game, not on your level in the game so you will be able to join any team without worrying that the force be less of them, it all depends on your knowledge of your abilities and your equipment and how to use them.

What is the size of the game?! How Setsegrq time to end it?

The game consists of more than 100 important to the story and is also in a wide world, so the duration of the game depends on how you decide to play with her, do not Amcunninna to put a particular time of the game, where no one knows how much Ststgrqk of time until it is complete.

How it works conservation and the CheckPoint system in the game?

There will be SafePoints within the game and will be the places that you can go to it to check your equipment and gadgets, as would also be the respawn zones if dead, all  will return them, but if there was one alive Vszimknh re-players remaining, so it is important to keep at least one player Alive .

How it will affect the level of difficulty of the game in the different tasks and ways in which Amcunninna finish the game out?

There will be areas more difficult than the rest, and if you want to play on the pattern of hard and your friends to say the pattern you will receive more of them harm, so there will not be any problem to play you and your friends at different stages, but for your enemies it is all dependent on how that will play out the job and the game itself role-free so it will be different every time you play.

It seems to me that Ubisoft has decided to put all the intellectual resources in the design and creation of this game, everything just we wish to remain at this level and graduated form in which it was described in the interview, the game will be released on March 7, 2017 for the PC and the Xbox one and the PS4.
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