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Many of us had a dream to be a football player famous and big name frequented around the stadium if the club a small play ball and images are captured him achieve achievements, many of us gave up on the dream and many tried and did not succeed to this there are video games and I found this FIFA 17 to make you live your dream of a new .

The game produced annually in September are the same as some additions here and some adjustments there is nothing new and is what we are forced to purchase and play because we want modern formations and adjustments on the clothes and the new way of playing are playing the same game every year with ointment willingly as it arrived for perfection and modifications will be simple and there are no leaps code but now this year's FIFA 17 has seen significant changes and improvements along the first awesome story.

The story offers you a personalized Alex Hunter and dream that one of these big players are in their favorite team Premier League just like you and you are small and offer The Game opportunity to explore the arrival of a young child and a young man to stardom and is playing in the premier league for the first time, passing through all these moments of tests to exercise and interact Upgrade with colleagues also provided humanitarian side stage presence of family and support.

This Journey phase is the largest developing happened to FIFA for many years when it was introduced Ultimate Team for the first time in 2006 and now this phase sufficient to attract a new rule to the game you love stories and entering for the first time to play football, with all these expressions on the faces and transportation distinctive moments march career to join a great club and send you to loan and glamor and return to stardom again all moments may be as far as I tested them is to follow Best player in the newspapers and websites and follow his career, but you now write your history you in the game and provide the special moments on the screen.

The only drawback is the limited phase selected premier league clubs certainly due Mahudah production and we hope in the future to expand it to other patrols and be bigger and wider choices for players to be able, for example, fulfill my dream and play at Inter Milan.

The other improvement for having produced this year is the fee the game and reached the best fees witnessed FIFA series till now move on to the engine's Frostbite studio DICE develop graphical tremendous pushed me to watch, for example, footage from older versions like FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 Vtvajot the massive development that has been on the fees, faces the game has become in a more realistic light itself more distinctive and clothing increased detail their own mobility and attention to detail brilliant in the game such as race faces, arms, spread to detail influenced clothes to fall on the floor of the stadium to get dirty Clothing mud or green grass.

As far as the graphical own players movements of evolution is still as it is motion capture is still in the same shape and the same dye from the previous Edition have not noticed any differences in the players movement for Edition FIFA 16 but there is a big feature of the game, a realistic movement and I have this constant feeling that the players reflect the true character movement and movements .

There developed a Career Mode, which got a simple development, in turn, which added the coach controllers club and demanding objectives such as occurs with the coach of the English teams, where share all of them with the administration in achieving the goals of the expansion of the base masses as well as the achievement of financial and marketing success which is affixed to the game is simple, but it was a good addition made me see all the time to achieve the goals, although the proportion of you are already working to achieve the same goals in previous versions without the presence of these alerts, but it was somewhat complementary.

Turning to focus on the style of play the same playing field each year offers a different style play trying by changing the shape and how to play and this year's focus on the transfer of the ball fast and play, Edition this year achieved a large percentage of satisfaction among the around the middle granulocytes line with the regulation and layers of defense successive battles, which allows the best control in the game, playing RTM Pacific helped improve the defense in the game as well as the process helped to enjoy the transfer of the balls between the lines and play through the end of the stadium in a beautiful epic.

Only when you begin playing the collective against any person who, for example, with my brother in the same room or across the Internet all of this defense organization starts to fall apart and The Game become more speed everything in play individual features turn into quite the opposite, which bothered me Valtaud to play singles completely counter to play collective and play and regulation speed simplest balls hit the heart of the defense and all the teams easily turn into a style of play Barcelona or generally overall school ball.

The rest of patterns not seen any development or just a different form of some improvements that are not worth mentioning here is not just the arrangements, but everything else in the game is the same even User change their shape but only in the same shape and arrangement of version precedent.

In the end, we wonder Should FIFA shift to the annual update system and not be continued annual Kasaddarh? This idea EA company itself circulated and discussed playing field does not have to be the full amount it paid each year and be updates provided for issuing what in the same annual date with perhaps keep the same game for a considerable period before the issuance of new copies of large developing these mere dreams to head company EA for this, but I think it has come time to embrace this idea and applied from the company.
The final evaluation 

9 / 10

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