Officially: Shenmue Games And Shenmue 2 On PC

Sega is still busy working on the third part of the Shenmue series, which has not yet been revealed, but we are also reminded of rumors last year about the company's intention to re-launch the first series of the current generation by trying to Sega to introduce this game to new players and thus increase The number of players watching Shenmue 3.
Today, the company has officially unveiled the Definitive Version of Shenmue I and Shenmue 2 for the upcoming Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC computers sometime this year. This version will have an updated user interface and will give players the ability to choose two modes of control, either classic or modern.

This version will also carry graphical options for the PC version with the possibility to experience the game with Japanese or Western voices and of course, is expected to bear a development in the level of fees and accuracy of the game. Shenmue was first issued in 1999 on the Dreamcast and Shenmue II 2001 on the same device to be re-launched on the first Express 2002.

Sega said she was thinking of offering improved versions of the two games but said there could be obstacles to it, such as the difficulties of authorizing the two games and making sure they present a copy worthy of the current generation.
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