The New Game Of God Of War

The new game of God of War is now a new and different form from the past, a new play perspective, a different play style and the most important Kratos are also different. That bloodthirsty person is no longer all he does is murder and murder. And as a killing machine walking on foot, but now is overwhelmed by emotions and chasing his past, which wants to hide inside and does not respond to anyone to see especially the new guest, which was resolved by his son Atrius.

Since the scene of the beginning, which was chosen very carefully to start the new adventure to the unknown and fight the forces of darkness and take out my creative in every sense of the word I felt then and as I say since the discovery of the new direction of the game that it should have been so from the beginning is now not limited But there are a lot of other feelings that will make you merge with the game with all your senses and managed to make the director balanced all the time there are moments when you feel weak and there are moments when you feel powerful and others will feel angry and revenge.
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